About HB Mertz

HB is a travel and commercial photographer currently based in Denver, Colorado. His work focuses on capturing everything from the vast landscapes all over the world, to the small moments along the journey. His passion for immersing himself in cold, remote places where few wish to travel has created a unique body of work that not only defines him as an individual, but pushes him to find and create unique, compelling stories. The goal through his clean and authentic style is to evoke that natural desire within all of us - the desire to see the world, and tell the world your story. 

Alongside his rescued Alaskan Malamute, Denali, HB has spent the last few years traveling within the US as well as internationally for work. We would love to work alongside your brand.

HB's work has been featured by media outlets including the U.S. Department of the Interior, Huckberry, and The Outbound.

Clients Include:

Visit Maine                           Travel Alberta

Visit Finland                         Travel Yukon

Fjallraven USA                      Woolrich

IcelandAir                   Sennheiser

NBC / Universal                Lagoon Car Rental

Ursa Major                           Highland Park U.S.

Mizu Life                              Stowe Mountain

Image Credit: Justin Posey